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Sex = Taboo?!

2 Dec

When it comes to talking about sex, why do we go quiet, shut down, say next to nothing and avoid????

Growing up, did your parents talk to you about sex? If so, how much detail did they go into? Did you have questions you didn’t feel comfortable to ask?

Talking to people about what their parents taught them about sex, they say it was always an uncomfortable conversation. Uncomfortable for the parent and uncomfortable for the kid. Something that lasts 5 seconds and both people can’t wait for the conversation to end.
When the kid grows up into an adult, I wonder if their conversations about sex with their parents get any more comfortable…..probably not because they have grown up knowing that it’s not comfortable to talk about sex in the open.

We should keep nothing in the dark. Bringing things into the open brings freedom.
E.g. You may like a girl in your class and you find yourself always thinking about her. You talk to your friends about her all the time but when it comes to telling her how you feel, your heart is filled with anxiety and fear – ‘What about if she doesn’t like me back?’. But if you never put your feelings out in the open and tell her how you feel, you will never know whether she shares the same feelings for you. The freedom you get from sharing your feelings is knowing whether she feels the same way or you need to move on. There is freedom when you bring things out into the open.

The truth is young people are more comfortable learning about sex from magazines, books, Internet and friends. But when it comes to talking to adults, youth leaders, parents, counsellors, Pastors, Doctors, health professionals etc, the topic of sex is avoided……which is sad I think because all these people have great wisdom and knowledge to share with others too.

Have you ever talked to anyone aside from your friends about sex? Who was it? How did it go?

If you could talk to anyone about the topic of sex and dating and had the freedom to ask anything you wanted without being judged, what would you ask?

If you don’t have anyone in your world you feel comfortable talking to, you can chat to me….. I will answer your questions direct, email me sexthewholestory@hotmail.com or start a conversation below by commenting on this post.

Let’s get an open conversation started! 🙂

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