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What are you wearing?

21 Jan

Whilst doing my weekly grocery shop, I noticed a girl in front of me cruising the aisles at Coles with her boyfriend dressed in shorts so short her butt cheeks were hanging out! Not something I really want to be seeing while shopping for bread and milk…. then driving through the city the other night on every street I saw girls hitting the town, walking to clubs dressed in the shortest of skirts and the highest of heels. Their legs were accentuated but their walk was awkward and unstable. Every step they took was a struggle. They looked so uncomfortable whilst trying hard to appear cool, confident and sexy. How comfortable can it be walking the city in 10-inch heels? But seriously, nothing was left to a person’s imagination, everything they had, was on display for all to see.

It made me think, do girls even have the slightest idea what message they are portraying? ‘I’m easy!’, ‘Take a look – do you like what you see?’, ‘Yep, I am up for whatever you are thinking’, ‘I’m really off limits but I can flirt with you’
& if they do, why do they not care what message they are giving off?

Let’s be honest, if you value and respect yourself and are confident in who you are as a unique one-of-a-kind individual, you wouldn’t need to dress in a way that cheapens who you really are. Girls, you don’t need to portray yourselves in a way that discounts your true worth – you are a valuable, precious daughter, a treasure worth protecting.

Provocative: tending or serving to provoke, inciting, stimulating, to stir up & arouse.

Dressing provocatively affects guys. It stimulates, stirs up and arouses guys and their sexual obsession takes over their mind and body. If you are wondering why guys only want one thing from you, you might want to think about what you are wearing, how you are acting and what you are speaking. Flirting, throwing yourself at guys and talking about sex all the time will give a certain message to guys. Is that the message you want to give off?

Remember some guys are trying to keep their thought life clean & pure and this can be extremely difficult when your body is on display and in their full view.

Everything about you, including what you wear, sends a message to others about who you really are. Attract people to who you are, not to what you wear.

Your sexuality is valuable. Protect it. Respect yourself. Cover that butt. Hide that cleavage.


“Why I’m not doing it….”

16 Jan

“God designed sex, he believes in sex but God also wants to protect us and not see us hurt.”

“My parents were very open about their past experiences and mistakes they made about their sexuality. They wanted us to learn from their mistakes rather than learn the hard way. Parents honestly want what’s best for us. My parent’s influence on my choice to wait to have sex until I’m married wasn’t forced upon me or shoved in my face. They told me their stories, the good things and their regrets, and I was able to decide myself. I am so thankful they shared their experiences with me.

A lot of my friends were indifferent about when it was okay to have sex. At 15, most of my friends were sexually active. I watched my girl and boy friends regret the sexual relations they had. They thought they loved someone and shared something with their sexual partners that they could never get back. I cannot tell you one friend who did not regret their first time.

At 17, I made the decision to not have sex until I was married. Then I met my first boyfriend and we dated for a year. We decided to not have sex because of our faith but this definitely was not easy to do, especially when all my friends were sexually active.

It wasn’t enough that the bible says ‘not to have sex before marriage’ to be my reason for waiting – I need to find out the whole story for myself. I searched out the scriptures to find out WHY the bible encourages us not to have sex until marriage. God designed sex, he believes in sex but God also wants to protect us and not see us hurt. Sex within marriage is how we can be safe and secure because marriage is designed for the long term.

Sex impacts a person intellectually, emotionally and socially. On top of the risks of picking up a sexually transmitted infection (STIs), getting pregnant or contracting HIV/AIDS, we are chemically connecting with people when we have sex and the more partners we have the less we are able to connect with one person. I would rather wait and form that strong bond with the one person I spend the rest of my life with.

Our sexuality is beautiful but its up to us to learn about it. We are all dealing with the same issues so why not talk about it?”
Cheryl, 22 yrs.

What is your story??? Email and let us know if you are comfortable to share it with others through this blog.

Screen Your Movies

3 Jan

To anyone out there who would like to know how to screen movies before they watch them, there is a great website that does this for you….. provides detailed descriptions of movies for the viewers benefit.

Scroll down to “PARENTS GUIDE” for a detailed description on Sex & Nudity, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, Frightening/Intense Scenes. This is way helpful, particularly if you are taking young people to the movies.

It is also an App for ipad and iphone which is free.

There is no excuse now for not knowing about a movie before you watch it 🙂

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